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Daytona Optomap

optomap topekaAn exciting new technology designed to enhance and improve everyday eye exams is now available from a select and fast growing number of optometrists across the country. The recently introduced Daytona OPTOMAP retinal imaging device will soon provide many local and family optometrists with the most comprehensive and advanced eye test and diagnostic capabilities available in the world.

Dr. Lance and North Topeka Vision Center are proud to offer this great technology to enhance your eye exam. Most eye exams now inspect only a small portion of the retina around the front of the eye in order to detect and monitor those changes which might affect the patient’s glasses or contact lens prescriptions and also to check for any noticeable health issues. The new panoramic, ultra wide-field Daytona Optomap retinal imaging device inspects almost the whole eye (retina) at once in order to enhance the standard eye exam.

This new technology allows us to easily detect any changes in your vision and enhances our ability to facilitate the early detection of a large number of eye conditions and potentially dangerous diseases such as …

Octomap’s retinal imaging can also help discover
non-eye diseases such as:

Optos in TopekaAccording to a recent news report from KPLC-TV, the Daytona Optomap retinal imaging device was able to help one woman discover her bout of blurred or distorted vision was due to a stopped-up vein deep in her eye which was being caused by a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Her optometrist, Dr. Janot, said “We’re really privileged to be able to find early systemic diseases through the eye, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.”

The television news report went on to say, “The woman is now seeing close to 20/20 again and now knows it was her heart causing the problems seen through her eye.” The new Daytona Optomap retinal imaging procedure is fast, easy, and painless. The patient simply looks through a small hole towards an eye target, quickly perceives a short flash of light, and then in a speedy ¼ of a second it is all over … and with its wide-field panoramic view the Optomap system greatly reduces the need for the patient’s eyes to be dilated.

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